"What I realized is that God doesn’t come with
explanations but with his presence..."

AWOE: Driven is a great album! I love the way you have this fun vibe in songs like Move Yo Bodi and Mama Said is crazy sweet! What’s the concept behind the song?

Sol J: Mama said was one of the songs I had the most fun recording. The concept of the song was my rendition of the Disney stories I grew up watching which you’ll hear in the first verse. The song talks about everyday trials and tribulations we face. As the song goes along we are reassured to keep believing in God and in the 3rd verse and bridge were .

AWOE: And who’s the youthful voices on the vocals?

Sol J: The two youthful voices you hear are kin in Christ whom attend the same church I do. Nasia is 7 years old and you hear her bright vocal on the hook. Celle who’s singing the bridge is just 16 years old and is definitely blessed with a gift, I believe the Lord has a bright future for both of them. It was a blessing to work with them and see God use youth of all ages, you’ll hear more from them on upcoming albums.

AWOE: Temptation is an excellent song for men and women. Tell me about the line ’if it aint’ agape it won’t endure’. How does that apply to today’s world?

Sol J: Today more then ever we see young folk jumping into lust or what they think is love a temporary satisfaction or comfort. What that phrase and song is saying is that only things of God last forever , true love that Agape love is what is going endure thru the everyday relationship problems and obstacles.

AWOE: What’s the big difference between love & that agape love?

Sol J: Agape love is spiritual love, pure, unconditional, the love talked about in 1 Corinthians 13. Its the ever lasting love God has for us.

AWOE: Lord U Hear Me is one of those songs that for me reminds us that God is listening. How in your personal life have you been assured that your words aren’t going up idly, but unto a Lord who cares all about you?

Sol J: Yes, the song was inspired during the time my Grandpa was diagnosed with cancer and it was the hardest things I’ve dealt with. I did not understand it and had my many questions of why my Grandpa. I prayed, fasted and called out to God for his healing. What I realized is that God doesn’t come with explanations but with his presence and though my Grandpa was not healed physically he was healed spiritually. God was listening and he brought comfort, strength and peace of my mind to me and my family in that desperate time of need.

AWOE: Perseverance builds character and conduct…your outro is simply powerful. What changes have you seen due to the trials and tribulations in your life?

Sol J: I’ve seen a lot of changes, besides becoming a stronger person overall I began to rely and trust in God like never before. When it seemed like there was no way, God has always made a way, his grace and mercy has endured. So I rely and trust in him now with no hesitation , with no doubt, with no regrets. I can now make the right decisions and choices in life as a man of God.

AWOE: What has God done in you spiritually and as a man of God that makes you desire His way above your way?

Sol J: He’s turned my life around , growing up a lot of folk didn’t expect me to succeed in life, to succeed in anything I did. Love ones and friends I grew up with did not succeed, have not succeeded. What God has done and is doing in my life makes it clear to see his way is the only way and without him in my life all this would not have come to pass.

AWOE: What’s your message to people who are allowing their problems to drive them?

Sol J: There is only so much we can do as man, only so much we can control and cant control, only God can give you inner peace, inner peace that no outer situation or circumstance can shake. Once we establish that inner peace problems we face only fuel our fire and our drive to succeed.

AWOE: How can others draw unto Christ and escape the pain they’ve suffered?

Sol J: It all starts with faith, I call it the process which consist of three steps faith, trust and believe. Faith being the first step , the hope that is not seen, the hope that God is real and exist. Second step is trust, trust we gain as we walk with God and he begins to be faithful in our lives. Final step is to believe, believing in God knowing that without a doubt he will pull thru, he is faithful, he is real , he is the beginning the end and everything in between.

Sol J Invites You to Come to Jesus:
Lord forgive me for my wrong doing, lack of faith,
the doubt, sin I fell into, I’m giving it all to you,
asking for renewing, my heart my mind my soul, Lord take full control, for greater is he that’s in me, I’m accepting you
in my life, have your way Jesus.


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