A little over a month ago,
I had the amazing opportunity to speak to Kevin Max on the phone, needless to say it was an awe-inspiring experience.
As many of you know no introduction is necessary because Kevin Max is widely known for being in one of the most legendary groups ever called DC Talk which took an ongoing intermission in 2000. Since then Kevin Max has went onto compose the next script of his life as an incandescent poetic soul who has produced phenomenal solo albums such as Stereotype Be, The Imposter, Holy Night, my favorite EP Between the Fence & the Universe and now his upcoming album The Blood, due to release in January 2008 is a much anticipated project for anyone who loves his music!
Beyond Kevinís musically artistic nature he has a blessed and beautiful wife named Amanda who has bestowed upon him a daughter named London and brand new son named Wilder Liam. Kevin Max to me is truly an honest soul and a passionate family man who treasures the essence of Godís existence each day. I know that you will enjoy this opportunity over the next several Sundays to experience Kevin Max, The Blood and BeyondÖ

Jen G~
Publisher & Editor
The Kevin Max Family Part 1

Jen G: How are you doing? New father again.

Kevin Max: Yeah Iím doing great. I mean being a father is Intense, but itís awesome.

Jen G: Well that is great. Iím just going, Iím going go through some of the questions. But since I know your son is hereÖ Experience, I mean waiting it out like that. Was that, really difficult for you and your wife?

"But now itís an amazing process having a son and a
daughter. Itís just been a blessing..."

Kevin Max: It wasnít difficult because the first time, when we had London, we had to induce Amanda as well. London was about 3 or 4 days late. So we decided to induce then. So we kind of knew that we were probably going have to induce because you donít want to wait too long for a baby to come.
It was a very normal induction and he came out very easily and it was, it was a good process. It wasnít in any way kind of frightening for us. I mean really the only thing thatís been frightening is a lack of sleep. (Laughs) And Iíve been in the studio like this whole week and I was in the studio until like 1:30 in the morning last night and then I came home and he woke up about 3 times during the night for feeding. And so I was awake during those 3 times of feeding and basically Iíve probably gotten like maybe 2 hours of sleep so if I appear kind of grumpy itís because the lack of sleep doesnít do me very good. (Laughs).
I am one of those kind of people that need sleep. If Iím sleep deprived then things happen. So I might need to go back down for a nap before I go into the studio today. But now itís an amazing process having a son and a daughter. Itís just been a blessing that we wouldnít have been able to have bought.

Jen G: Yeah, oh my gosh thatís so cool. I saw the pictures of the website, well on the myspace of you and your father. And then your kids, they have the best red hair Iíve ever seen. Itís like so beautiful. (Laughs) How did you and your wife choose both of their names? London and Wilder Liam...

"Obviously we want to teach them the basics. The basic ideas from scripture and the basic things that weíve learned from life as parents..."

Kevin Max: Wilder Liam. London we chose because we were looking for a name that we both could kind of relate to with her. And itís kind of like originally we were going to name her Eva and the spelling was E-V-A and itís a Jewish name and we were just like really excited to name her, Eva. Then we just kind of found out everybody living in Los Angeles was naming their kid Eva at a certain time. It was kind of a trendy phenomenon to name your kid Eva. So we decided to name her London so her full name is London Eva Kay Max.
Kay is actually not an abbreviation of my first name like the nickname I was given in high school. Its Kay is my motherís middle name and Kay is my wifeís motherís middle name. So itís kind of close. We got that name for obvious reasons. Then Wilder, thatís a name an old manager I had. A friend that managed me for a while. He was from England and his name was Steven Short. And you know a really nice Englishmen and he had a son named Wilder. We just thought that was a great name so there you have it.

Jen G: And Liam orÖ?

Kevin Max: Liam is just an Irish version of William. Weíre both Irish on both sides of our families so its like a traditional thing.

Jen G: As a father what are some of the things that you want to impart in them as they grow older?

Kevin Max: Weíre really centered on right now just making sure that they that they get the best out of life and for us itís kind a learning process of trying to figure out what they watch, what they read, kind of who their involved with.
Right now theyíre so young its just making sure that what theyíre watching on television and what theyíre hearing, picking up and looking at is something we want them to kind of learn. I mean to be honest with you the baby Einstein thing is great and thereís a few other things that weíve kind of turned them on to that seems to work. But, I mean weíre a few years off from that right now. Obviously we want to teach them the basics.
The basic ideas from scripture and the basic things that weíve learned from life as parents that we apply as people every day so itís kind of the same old same old.

Jen G: What is something that you would want them to remember about you as a person?


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