Evan Wickham is an aspiring artist with the heart of worship that takes you into the potter’s hand that molds every believer. On Evan’s album Mysterious Things he loves on Jesus with Hallelujah Jesus. He takes us home with the House of the Holy One declaring, ‘you are God I will run into you – Jesus you forgave my sin now I freely enter in...’ There’s a sweet freedom in I’ll Follow You, ‘Jesus I wait for you to come…I want to see you, I want to be with you…’
Evan Wickham truly gives the listener a taste of his intimate relationship with Christ through Mysterious Things. It’s an album that will capture your spirit, motivate your heart and cause you to celebrate your relationship with Christ.
Mysterious Things is available on iTunes. Visit:

Callann Lane brings in Christmas with a beautiful pop album called, Christmas This Year.Out of the six songs on Christmas This Year, Harmony is a song that captures the essence of the season. Callann begins the song singing, ‘There’s a story about a little baby who loved with all his heart…’ it’s a story about the mission of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas This Year captures more than the holiday season. Callann gives you songs like Glorious Things that can be celebrated year around. Christmas This Year is available only on iTunes. Visit:

Today Is The Day
This is the day which the LORD hath made;
we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalms 118:24

Lincoln Brewster’s Today Is The Day is a song that rocks the truth of God’s word. It brings an excitement to Psalm 118:24 that speaks to us when we feel like throwing in the towel. When we can’t wait for this day to end and we dread the thought of tomorrow coming, this song makes you want to shout, praise and look forward to what God is going to do.
Brewster has pumped up this Psalm with an electric rock worship that will energize any worshipper to stand strong in the Lord. Encouraging the listener with a magnetic energy to give away their fears, to let go of the past and to take a hold of Christ’s hand as they reach into a new day!
Celebrating and trusting in that this is the day that the Lord has made! We will make the choice to rejoice and be glad in it. In a way it reminds me of Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” The future of Today Is The Day as an album looks bright!


Carried Away’s I Want You begins with a very heavenly tune of Holy, Holy, Holy then they pick it up with Feel It Inside. Expressing how we’re not perfect, but God’s ways are more powerful than ours is.
As the next song Your Love reminds one that God’s love is beyond what we can see. The lyric’s in this song reminds us that God sees all of us and that’s all we need.
Black & White splashes the fact that God’s world is a gift to us, it’s really a song that makes you Smile as you realize you need a change in I Want You. Then Carried Away encourages our hearts that if we Just Believe anything can happen. Every song on I Want You is Alive and filled with a Longing Heart for Christ. These three young ladies write and share from the heart their ongoing relationship with Christ creating a truly exceptional album.

Beloved’s Wake The World redefines worship, as we know it because every song is motivational, inspiring, and empowering to the listener. The album opens with I Dare You, a song that encourages you to step out of yourself and to live again. With powerful vocals they sing, ‘Dare you to dance like there’s nobody watching…love like you’ll never get hurt…sing like there’s nobody listening…” It’s a song that challenges you to forget about the mental barriers that’s holding you back.

Then the title track, Wake The World makes one think about their purpose in life as a child of God. The lyrics encourage us to be a witness, to love on purpose and to share the new life God has given us with the world.

Beloved has a way of speaking right into our hearts on a very personal level with songs like God Knows Where You Are, a song that addresses questions we all have like, are we in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing? In God Knows Where You Are the ladies sing with confidence, ‘God knows where you are…he placed you there…sometimes it’s hard to see your right where he wants you to be…’ the lyrics are reassuring as the ladies behind them.

It’s evident throughout Wake The World that they put their whole hearts into this album. Giving us an album with great originals like Love God, Serve Others, Share Your Story and modern day classics like You Are Good these ladies know how to have fun, but they also know how to reach inside and show their vulnerable side in songs like Hope Deferred. It’s a song that talks about how our thoughts and ways aren’t always of God. That we sometimes get caught up in trying to make things happens, that it would be much better to wait on God. It’s a song that makes us search our hearts as we realize it’s better to trust and to believe in our Lord to meet our needs.

It’s clear that the ladies of Beloved, Kim Gravel, Denise Clark and Amy Goins believe what they sing from the deepest part of their beings. Wake The World honestly inspires and encourages us to put action behind our faith as we go into each day. By sharing their gifts Beloved is on it’s way to taking the world by storm. Wake The World Releases August 19, 2008
Visit: Beloved's Website

Christina Paul’s Surrender is a wonderfully moving album that intergrades the word of God into the lyrics. With transforming songs like You Are Holy where she’s praising the power of God’s infinite glory in the beauty of nature. She declares, “God is mighty and glorious. The beginning and the end.” From there she goes onto, You Are Everything with an upbeat praise she sings aloud that the Lord is everything she wants and needs! She bellows out with her powerful vocal’s, “You are everything my heart and soul desires!”

Surrender the title soundtrack gives the listener that open door to release their burdens and to give them to God. All He really wants from us is for us to surrender to Him completely. Out of the ten songs on Surrender, the standalone song is definitely Search Me, a beautiful song crafted from Psalm 139. Powerfully sung and put to amazing music! It’s a worship song to remember! Christina Paul’s Surrender can be purchased at CD Baby

Seven Places album Glowing takes the listener into that place of worship where it’s about you and God in songs like Amazing Love. Closer to Thee has crisp clear vocals with lyrics that speaks to how God is with us empowering us, ‘you are the strength and the love that walks closer to thee.’ While Rise Up is a song full of strength with words that encourages your soul, ‘…move those mountains and walk upon the sea…’ Then Capture My Heart makes you want to give it all over to Christ because you’re taken with his unconditional love. Seven Places, Glowing is lit up with the warmth of worship and a perfection that comes from the Lord. Glowing is available on iTunes

New Empire, formerly known as Freedom 1 has released an EP that is perfectly entitled Hero because these guys are the essentials of the rock pop culture. New Empire has an emotional connection to the lyrics and brings the heart of rock home with their Colours From Black and White, lyrically direct as they hit us with lyrics like, ‘I couldn’t hurt you if I tried, I’ll be there for you now just like I said for a long time…’

The Voice I’ve Been Missing causes the listener to do some soul searching. In almost a narrative style the lyrics tell a story of a girl losing herself just to experience a moments of pleasure. Then Lost is a great song about trying to find love while creating scars along the way. It’s a song that relates to where many of us have been, loving the moment without really loving ourselves. Hero is deep in sound and uplifting to the senses.
Check out New Empire Here

Candice Casagrande’s Fearless Heart brings back the pureness of worship. The EP begins with Fearless Heart, an upbeat song that grabs onto God’s mercy even when we don’t listen to him. That as we go through we become fearless because we know our soul is not our own. In her song, Smile we’re touched by a sweet sensation to share the joy of putting others first. “No matter how hard things may be, I like to share around the joy inside of me…” Be Forever is one of those songs you just want to sing along with. Casagrande’s Fearless Heart features great music that speaks to the soul of the listener in a down to earth way. With God as the forefront and Candice Casagrande’s fearless heart this is an artist to follow. Click here to purchase Fearless Heart

Autonomy Fades Away is an incredible album that allows Leo Gonzalez’s creativity to flow. He gives worship a new freshness with Set Me Free, a song that begins with a cool guitar sound followed by an excellent drum beat that gives you the desire to dance, as he sings, “…no one else will do but you, set me on fire…” and just when you think it’s over he brings a lyrical rap twist that’s brilliant and fitting.
Just when you think the surprises stop there, Leo’s song Surrender takes you into a holy techno dance mode. Wildly mixed sound it’s like bringing the dance floor to church and the freedom to surrender in your heart.
Then as if the beat stops there it doesn’t. Leo’s romantic passionate essence shows as he does a beautiful duet in The Wedding Song, singing beautifully, “I never thought I’d see my hearts desire staring back at me…” a beautiful song for any couple. Leo’s Autonomy Fades Away is a well-crafted album that will satisfy the pickiest listener. Autonomy Fades Away is available iTunes

Worship In The Waiting reminds us why we’re drawn to FFH’s music. This group has no shame when it comes to giving up praise and giving God their all with the gifts he’s given them to reach another soul. Songs like Holding On encourages the listener to look to God, to hold on when all looks lost. The title track, Worship In The Waiting is a soulful song that that paints a vivid picture of worshipping God while we’re waiting for our deliverance and it addresses having the right attitude in the storm. As an added blessing FFH brings their spirit to favorites like In Christ Alone and You Are God Alone, Worship In The Waiting is a phenomenal worship album for every soul seeking God with their whole hearts. Check out Worship In The Waiting at

Fountain Mouth Surfers Paradise Australia is where orchestra and rock music meets. This hard rocking Australian band has brought forth the rock alternative sound in a new way thanks to the elusive lead vocalist Bevan Matthews. Fountain Mouth rages with passion in their sound and lyrics. Alone, iTune’s release, opens with a Carlos Santana like feel, while Joshua Generation leads the listener on with the trumpet as Bevan’s voice echos you on a mission, and I Know brings a calming collective sound that brings the unique elements of Fountain Mouth’s sound together. Raging in hope and energy this is the band to watch out for. Fountain Mouth Surfers Paradise Australia is available on iTunes & Amazon Visit:

PAID 4 "BLOOD BOUGHT"Prozpera “D”’s Already Paid 4 “Blood Bought” just makes you want to say give me some more of this sweet rap melody. Gimme My…just makes you wanna listen to this ChurchBoi. Prozpera D’s album features Da FlameThrowa’s tight song, 66Ways (off his album So It Begins)which is like taking a trip through the Bible. He gives new meaning to get your rap on because he’s earning straight love with his Bible rhymes. Meeting wild timing he breezes through the books like they’ve written his life. Come to Church is a smooth song that makes you think twice about the reasons behind the why. Incredible vocals and spectacular rhymes, so yo Just Listen, Paid 4 “Blood Bought” is the album you should be getting. Available at:

Everything Changes
Jim Murphy just reinforces the fact that change is good. Everything Changes, the title song is beautiful from the piano, to the violin to Murphy’s voice. He continues to evolve to even greater depths of worship with Taken Back. His spirited sound and the background vocals make’s this a high energy song. If you want to mellow out a little rewind to Faith, Hope and Love. It’s a sincere song about faith when we believe God has left us, ‘carrying the promises that heaven is not so far away,’ it’s really a reminder of what is embedded in our hearts. Another song that hits close to home is Lay It All Down. It’s a song that encourages us to give our burdens to Christ. Everything Changes is an inspiring and uplifting album that gives you a reason to sing. Due to release in 2008.

After The Music Stops
Its time to crunk’ it up with Lecrae. If you like 50 Cent it’s time to turn your game up, it’s like going from Bryant to Jordan. Lecrae is the bumped up game of the Christian rap/hip-hop scene. He’s put the lean in Jesus Musik literally. His rhymes are incomparable. Talking to the soul with his modern day parables in songs like Prayin For You. Then as a plea with tight beats Lecrae says to Send Me, because for real he’s ready to go into your home, youth group, missions, churches, and wherever the Lord leads. Check it:

Hello Goodbye is full of positive energy and exceptional soul for a group that’s disbanding. This album gives you the feeling that Jump 5’s message and presence will leave an ongoing impression that the end means a new beginning. The album begins with Shoot The Moon talks about seeing a new day. Fly encourages the listener to go on even when things are going wrong. One of the best songs on the album is Still Got Me, not only is it upbeat, but also in some way it reminds you that even though Jump 5 is headed in different directions their friendship will al ways be valuable. Then we’re treated to a beautiful rendition of I Surrender All. If you’re a Beatles fan like the majority of us, Hello Goodbye is a great blend of that legendary magic. For those of you who have followed Jump 5 from the beginning, and are sad to see them go, you’ll find comfort in knowing this album shows pure love for every fan!
Looking for a Christmas Gift? Go get Rock This Christmas Jump 5’s newest release! Visit Major

Joanne Cash Gospel is more than just another great gospel album, it’s a beautiful trip down memory lane into her life, faith and devotion to Christ. This album holds Johnny’s spirit and beautiful elements of their lives growing up. Cotton, Popcorn, Peanuts & Jesus is a great song about where Joanne says as a child that’s all she ever needed. Then she sings a timeless classic, It Is Well With My Soul. That song is a testimony throughout this album. As you listen you learn about the losses she went through, yet she celebrates one day going home to be with Jesus in Into The Blue and seeing those who have already taken the journey in Meet Me in Heaven. This album is full of comfort and encouragement. Major Major

Better Than Life Matt Benson’s album is pure worship. The second song, You Are gives us a sample of Matt’s soothing vocals as he speeds up the tone as he sings, “You are Holy, magnificent...beautiful, merciful...”. More Like You is precious because it taps into the believers aching heart to be like God. If you have the desire to stand and be used by God, Breath of God is your song of agreement. Better Than Life is an album of worship that really leads the listener into not only worship, but into a serious conversation with God.
Visit: Indie

To The Foundation is the best reggae Christian album of 2007. Starting with Be True makes you want to slow sway right down that narrow pathway. Rooftop is mixed with great beats as Christafari takes rhythm to a whole new place. Taking Over featuring Koen Duncan reminds us that we’re overcomers as God will protect us in any situation. Hunger and Salvation, gives off that sweet island aroma as the song goes, “Lord you satisfy my life was empty, you made me whole.” Major Visit: Major


The Blood is Kevin Max’s spiritual identity. The complexity of Kevin Max as a muscian is like he is all things to all people. He takes you back to that Old Rugged Cross, as you see The Blood of Jesus through every song and feel The Trouble of The World. People Get Ready Max reminds you there’s One Way-One Blood. By the time your done listening you’ll find yourself at The Cross. The Blood is well crafted and a intimate look into Kevin Max’s faith. Featuring DC talk, Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell, Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Joanne Cash, and more. Visit to purchase an autographed copy of Kevin Max's The Blood Major

STU LARSEN'S Lies Will Keep You Out is an album that’s filled with emotions. The album opens with a liquid surreal song called, My Surrender. It can mean so many things, but it’s like being in that place where everything is crumbling around you. It brings that revelation that unless you surrender you’ll never move on. 8:15 reminds you that even when someone believes in you the ball is still in your court. Why? is about love lost. It’s really something fresh coming from a Christian artist. His album could be given to a friend, played at a club or at church. It gives that feel that no matter what you’re going through someone else has been there too. When all is said and done you’ll get through that too. Indie

Christmas Time is 10 great Christmas songs for the whole family. From Classics like O Holy Night and Go Tell It On The Mountain to Christmas Time! Jim Murphy put’s his own panache to every song like Carol’s of the Bell’s. You will be wonderfully delighted by Christmas Lullaby, which features the adorable vocals of his daughter Audrey Murphy. In a society where Christmas songs are turning into holiday songs, Murphy reminds us the reason for the season is Christ.Visit Jim Murphy Online... Major Major

Driven is truly Food For Your Soul! Sol J delivers 14 songs that will rock yo bodi starting with Temptation is a great song with a tight beat and serious lyrics. I’m talking in your face. “I need a man who can meet my needs, not spiritually...if ain’t pure, if it ain’t agape then it won’t endure...” it’s lyrics like those that todays youth can easily understand. Just incase you forgot, you can rewind to Mama Said...reminding us that all we need is a muster seed of faith equipping you to Move Yo Bodi to the rest of the cd. If you have a youth group or outreach Sol J’s Driven will take your group down a road of hope. Indie

ReignDown's self entitled EP opens with Set Me Free is incredibly free flowing with Katy’s angelic voice. Set me free let me rest…take hold all that I have and set me free! A simply upbeat worship song for anyone who needs to release what ever is holding them down. Here I Am…a true song about putting God first, being before Him losing oneself in Him! A simply great harmony that celebrates that one on one relationship in Christ. The three other songs on ReignDown's EP, being Angels, Almost Home and Near the Cross are beautiful. My favorite is Near the Cross almost reminds me of a modern day contemporary hymnal. The vocals on this song takes you back into the rest of God, in that place where you know one day you’ll be taken up, there with Him! The guitars, drums and the music flows well throughout the album. The vocals are heavenly yet strong. A beautiful EP for anyone who has a heart of worship. Visit to purchase this anointed EP ReignDown Indie

Sons Of Day is an incredible new band with an uncommon story. Their music comes from a place of appreciating the freedom of loving the Lord. Their debut album is thrilling and alive. Their song Greatest Love of All talks about God catching us when we fall. Another Day is a smooth, beautiful song that draws you into that search for that something, direction and finding yourself in Him. The title song A Fragile People is one of those songs you can feel. I can almost imagine it being sung in a crowd of thousands holding candles in the air. “Time goes on, people change…we’re fragile people…fragile and beautiful…” is delicately intertwined into your mind. Getaway is about facing yourself, but having the desire to getaway. Fragile People is impressive because if you love alternative rock this band is it. With the feel of Nickelback or Lifehouse Sons Of Day have their own soulish essence that will take it’s listeners with them. For more on Sons Of Day check or

Album AMERICAN DREAM Lyrycyst’s American Dream is a positive change to rap music of today. It’s lyrically sound and relevant to today’s generation. Where in today’s rap scene glorifies sex, drugs and murder, American Dream brings the reality of it home with songs like Devil Eye, and his lyrical testimony All In Vain, Lyrycyst lyrics aren’t something you’d find readily available in today’s Christian rap scene. What I like most is Lyrycst uses mainstream rap-rock as he rhymes about abortion, sexual immorality and spins how Christ is the answer. American Dream contains 11 eleven songs that should be played in every high school and every youth group. He talks about things parents avoid, the church is afraid of and teens are facing everyday. If your youth likes the likes styles of Eminem, Lyrycyst is most righteously harder in every sense of the word. Major

Okay so for album reviews as most of you know if you’re apart of my blog or receive my bulletins I love RELIENT K! I love their new album FIVE SCORE AND SEVEN YEARS AGO like a bad habit literally. I loved Mmmm too, probably the most played album on my IPod, but FIVE SCORE AND SEVEN YEARS AGO is seriously becoming a runner up.
My favorite songs off the album so far is Give Until There’s Nothing Left, Bite My Tongue, The Best Thing and for those of you who know say it loud, I Must Have Done Something Right! Because ohmygosh they seriously have something real good going on in this album! Whew! Let’s move on because it’s so obvious I want you to run out and get FIVE SCORE AND SEVEN YEARS AGO! RELIENTK um so Rocks!Major

Their new album WHO WE ARE is as my lil brother would say ‘the stuff’. I heard First Time and went straight to my ITunes and so had to have it! If you heard their last album you so know what I’m talking about. Lifehouse keeps their music so strong and clear. As I said, earlier eeeee! Their album WHO WE ARE is the stuff!!!Major

L.E.E.T.H.A.L.’S EP CAN’T BE DENIED is pretty hot.He has several artists featured like Jacob Izrael, Excelcius, and K-Drama. Ready or Not is one of the phatess songs on there! If you’re into Hip-Hop L.E.E.T.H.A.L.’S EP CAN’T BE DENIED…go check it out!Indie
PS: Check out L.E.E.T.H.A.L.'S Exclusive interview in AWOE'S HIP-HOP SPOTLIGHT!


Is a powerful album that has simply moving worship songs that speaks to the listener’s heart. My favorite song is RUN TO THE CROSS. With vocals that remind me of Andre Crouch, Ray truly belts out the mercy and love of Jesus when he sings, “I can find sweet forgiveness when I run to the cross…” There is a perfect harmony as the piano plays and the words enter into the atmosphere, a real sweetness. Then somehow Ray takes up the tone in BECAUSE I’M FORGIVEN. I’m talking about taking you to a place where you seriously want to clap and shout as he sings, “It’s because you are my savior! It’s because You are my friend and Your love lifts me higher than I’ve ever been!” Ray Peters I BOLDLY COME is a must have worship album for anyone who loves Jesus! Indie

Oh how many songs do I love?
Numero uno, Lose My Soul, Hype Man (tru dog ’07), No Ordinary Love and Made to Love!!! It’s like PORTABLE sounds is killin it! Toby has Kirk Franklin and Mandisa on Lose My Soul! It’s crazy! Fresh, regae total smoothness! Love the album!!! Major

Another great album I’ve heard is Markilo Alllen’s SPIRITUAL MIX TAPE it’s a Christian rap CD that is totally rated PG! Um incase your wondering, that’s Praise God all the time! I love I LOVE YOU JESUS! It’s up for free download at his,
also visit his official website:!Indie

I don’t know how to describe his album. It’s rock, rap um wow! It’s indescribable how many emotions he portrays through his songs. He totally looks at life the good, bad and ugly. With a flow that keeps you balanced.I’m totally into NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE…Major

CARRIED AWAY is a great Christian, Pop, Rock band from Canada. Their new album I WANT YOU is coming out August 28, 2007. “Our heart and mission is to go out to all nations and teach people about Jesus,” Pam sums up. “We want to teach young girls and women in particular to obey His commandments and reach as many places as we can. We’ll go wherever God wants us to go- even if it’s Antarctica- and our goal is to go through every single door and be lights in darkness.” Needless to say their song from the album MY MYSTERY has me looking forward to more. These girls,sisters, Colleen and Pam Walker and their cousin Christine Prankard definitely have the heart of Christ. Visit: (Glide Records)Major


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