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I love ONE MINUTE HALO'S sound, spirit and their faith! You can feel their mission throughout their message and music.These guys have voltage that will recharge your faith, touch any soul and enter any venue. If I had to label them I'd say WARNING: OMH WILL KILL THE FLESH AND LIGHT UP YOUR SPIRIT. Yeah, they're that electrifying. And Jeromy the lead vocalist is a powerhouse for God. I loved all of his answers in this interview. All-in-all these guys are taking America.

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JEN G: What is the main message of your band?

Jeromy: We like to give a message of HOPE through our lyrics and songs and letting the medium of music let people know where the HOPE comes from…it comes from Christ. We want to give people something to relate to so they know that though Christ, all shortfalls and battles/struggles can and will be overcome and broken by the blood of Jesus. We are to be the light of the world on the frontlines of battle to win souls for the kingdom. We also want them to know that no matter what is thrown your way, God is bigger and he will see you through!

JEN G: Where do you believe God is taking OMH in the music scene?

Jeromy: Worldwide!!!!! I believe that OMH will be the
next break though artist of 2006 in the Christian and mainstream music scene. Keep an eye out for OMH.
I know we are going to be able to not only touch the "Christian" world, but God is going to show His power through us to touch the mainstream world and show
them how amazing and real He truly is. God is
going to take us to the dirtiest bar to the cleanest
church from the smallest club to the largest
arenas there are no limits with God!

JEN G: When did you guys know you guys were just blowing up?

Jeromy: When we were asked to do this interview. (JK) We still haven't got to the point in our career where we
can step back and say WOW…we are blowing up. But on multiple occasions we have been told through family and friends that OMH will be going WORLDWIDE and touching millions of lives. It may not be a million miles wide, but a million miles deep.

JEN G: How did One Minute Halo become a band?

Jeromy: J-Mo and Chris started the idea together and throughout time and many "try-outs" we found Joey,
Josh and TJ. The rest will be rock-n-roll history.
After Mother's Day 2003 we have hit fast-forward from there. TJ is an example of how a devoted fan can have
his dream come true and become a member of a band
that he was a fan of. The final puzzle piece has been
put in place and everything is set forth in motion.

JEN G: Why Jesus, when your sound is so cutting edge
and could very well take over in the secular

Jeromy: Well.....why not? Our sound really has nothing
to do with whether or not we serve God. We want to get out and give the message that our Lord and savior has given us to the lost and struggling whether that is in a church or a secular club. We plan on bringing the word there too.
They need our message more than the Christian world needs it. Jesus hung around tax collectors and prostitutes. It is only through the blood of Jesus that we have the ability to do this. We are not able to heal the sick, open blind eyes, prosper, heal marriages, or break generational curses without the blood and with out the covenant promise through that blood that we have been adopted into. God wants the glory and our lives belong to Him. They were bought at a price.

"God is greater and he loves us Unconditionally
and that is more than ANY human can offer! "

JEN G: In rapping this up, I love what you said about, Its not about what has happened to us, but about a higher purpose we are able to live through God. How would you explain that statement to this generation of Tsumi, Katrina and 911?

JEROMY: I wake up every morning, thankfully to God, and I tell myself that I am going to live this day to the fullest and be an example of Christ. By doing that I hope to bring people to God through my example and through OMH's message. Tragedies will happen. It's the world we live in. But you have to ask yourself... How are you going to let it affect you? However, what we as Christians fail to remember is that nowhere in the word does it say follow me (Jesus) and nothing bad will ever happen to you. So what I would say to those is that there is no greater experience in this life we live than KNOWING GOD!
Because regardless of what Satan throws at us, we are over comers through Christ, PERIOD! There is no alter-
native! The price is been paid and I have read the end of the book and WE WIN!

Romans 8:28 hares that God can turn all things around for good. That means whatever Satan meant for evil, God will turn it around for good. He will be glorified. Death has been defeated and it was shown though the hope that was created by the destruction of the enemy in these given events. There were testimonies of tsunami survivors telling the waters to reside in the name of Jesus, and the waters obeyed. There surely were a lot of people that just so happened to be running late to work on Sept. 11th. Also, God was able to use the condition of the hearts of those who lost a loved one to draw them near to Him. Those things that have happened should encourage us as believers that we need to get busy and start spreading the word; and might I add, without hesitation.

JEN G: Any last words?

JEROMY: Just thanks to all the fans and remember that there is God is love and no matter what your family or friends do or say or even some stranger...God is greater and he loves us Unconditionally and that is more than ANY human can offer! GOD BLESS!

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