Jen G's Music View on Maria Long...
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to interview the very inspiring, creative and spirited Maria Long. She’s not only hard rocking but also hard working and God loving. From a small child God guided her steps by having her parents show her the light by the way they reached out and gave back to the community. She witnessed much grace and love through her parents sincere heart to give and found herself as a youth having to make the decision to either be the light or join the darkness.
This month in this very candid interview Maria Long will talk about her life, family, friends and the battle she faced when God decided it was time to uproot her into a new thing. When all odds seemed against her, she was still in love with Him…
From her life to her album, Here With Me…

This is the Maria Long Interview…


Jen G: So how are you today?

Maria Long: I'm great, a little tired. I had a late band practice last night.

Jen G: How'd that go? You have quite a cool group!

Maria Long:
We are working on new songs and it went AMAZING! We have one down to perform soon and it's just neat to see the new stuff in my head come out, you know? My band is awesome and they love the new songs

Jen G:Totally! God is totally using you as a musical vessel. The lyrics are amazing on your last album.

Maria Long:
Awe thank you that means a lot to me! Because lyrics are everything...I feel like they are seriously lacking in Christian music today, I'm so inspired by artists like Nichole Nordeman who seek to say something more! My lyrics are no where near hers, they are just more personal like my talks with God.

Jen G:Oh, yeah. I think God uses each musician in that personal way. But since we're on the subject of your band... how did the four of you come together?

Maria Long: Well I moved here to Arkansas from Michigan because my husband took a job as a pastor here and I was teaching kindergarten this year. I would have different musicians from other bands play for me. Well it got too hard coming home from shows at 2 am and waking up to teach at 6 am.

Jen G: Exhausting!

Maria Long: So one night I asked God to just reveal His plan for my life I was offered a principal position at the elementary school but it was in my heart to do music. So I asked for 7 signs, big things since I'd been looking for a band for 7 months. Like a regular one, so I asked God to give me a band they found me on myspace that next week. They live 25 min away!

Jen G: Wow, God is amazing!

Maria Long: I know! He's not playing around!

Jen G: Answered that prayer right away!

Maria Long: I also asked for a trailer so that we could travel as another sign and a guy donated a brand new one to me 2 weeks later for free! Every sign happened and it brought me to tears because I realized that God really wanted me to do this!

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