Bravehearts4Christ Exclusive
Hip-Hop Spotlight Interview

Bravehearts4Christ are truly a strong group of young people who love Christ. Jay, Chosen 1 and Fray ranging from the ages of 13 to 18 they have wisdom beyond their years along with energy and zeal for the things of God!
Coming right at us from South Carolina these guys are more than gifted, their anointed, focused and going to battle for Christ everyday. They bring Christ’s love, strength and energy to every performance. Reaching the saved and unsaved alike wherever they set their feet. Everything they sing about is what they believe and live out daily. As real as they are to their hailing fans they’re twice as real with each other. With brotherly love they set a standard for accountability to each other and the calling God has placed on their lives.
Bravehearts4Christ have experienced the favor of God almost from the start of their rap ministry. They performed their first major hit G.O.D. on a stage that they shared with Kirk Franklin and DA Truth.
Equipped and representing Christ, here’s the Bravehearts4Christ Exclusive Interview…

Jen G’s Music View
Publisher and Editor of
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Youth Who Represent GOD!

"A pastor came up to us after one of our shows at the product table. He had tears in his eyes.
He said he had to apologize & repent, because he never though
rap music could be used for the glory of God.
But he said after hearing us minister,
he realized he was wrong."

Jen G: First I want to say your name BraveHearts 4 Christ is seriously a bold statement! Especially in today’s society where being a Christian isn’t always popular, especially for young people! Tell me why you guys chose your name and how long you’ve been rapping for Christ.

Jay: Our Youth Pastor preached a message regarding brave hearts, and actually used a clip from Mel Gibson’s movie to visualize his message. The message basically talked about being bold in your faith. We had been rapping together already under a different name.

Fray: After we changed the name it all seemed to click from that point on.

Jen G: How long have each of you been Christians? Chosen 1: Since I was a baby.

Jay: Since 7

Fray: 5

Jen G: As young people why is it important for you to represent Christ?

Chosen 1: Since we are teenagers ourselves, we know that sometimes it is hard to relate to people who are older than you. You feel like they don’t really understand what you are going through. A lot of times we can relate to teenagers and they can relate to us. And by sharing our faith with them, they see that there is no shame in loving the Lord.

Jay: – Romans 1:16!

Jen G: What type of example do you hope to set through Christian hip-hop?

Fray: A positive example. We try to make sure the songs have the Word of God all in them so when we people learn the words, they learn the WORD.

Jay: We have one song called Isaiah 53, where pretty much the chorus is straight from the scripture. Once people learn the chorus, they are literally singing the word of God … that’s hot!

Chosen 1: We are working on another song like that using Psalm 23.

Jen G: Why do you think the writing of G.O.D. set an ongoing fire in you guys?

Jay: – We never expected for G.O.D. to be as big as it has been – it took us by surprise … in a good way!

Chosen 1: That was the first song that we wrote entirely … and it was such a hit from the beginning. I think from that point on, we knew God had something in store for us.

Jen G: Does evangelizing to your peer’s fuel your momentum to not only create great music, but to live the lifestyle by example?

Fray: Oh yea, for sure! No one likes, listens to or respects a hypocrite. That’s not to say we have never made mistakes as teenagers-

Jay: But we try to remember that we have to lead by example.

Jen G: What does it mean to take your lead from Christ?

Jay: We try to live Christian like lifestyle in everything we do, including our music. Once you start to develop a relationship with Jesus – not religion or tradition – but a relationship, He will guide you in all you do – He takes the lead….

Jen G: How have ya’ll made an impact in your city?

Chosen 1: When we do shows in our hometown, and we see kids of all ages singing the words…. When people send you emails and myspace messages saying how our music ministered … those are the type of things that let you know you have made an impact.

Jen G: What have you seen God do through your performances and testimonies?

Fray: We have been blessed to see people actually worship through Hip Hop! Who would have thought?? A pastor came up to us after one of our shows at the product table. He had tears in his eyes. He said he had to apologize & repent, because he never though rap music could be used for the glory of God. But he said after hearing us minister, he realized he was wrong. That was a huge compliment! And we give all the credit to God, because He is the one that has given us our abilities and put us out there to spread His Word

Jen G: As a result of your faithfulness to your calling, God has opened some pretty amazing doors for you as a group! Tell me what was it like to open for Kirk Franklin and Da Truth?

Chosen 1: Man! That was amazing. To us, Kirk Franklin is probably one of the most respected Gospel Artists in the world. To be able to not only open for him, but to meet him was an honor … it was hot.

Jay: Even crazier was the whole day leading up to it. Fray had to go in the hospital due to his Hemophilia a few days before the show. The doctors were not sure if he was going to be able to go. At first we started to stress… then we started to pray….

Fray: I remember saying to the doctor … “I gotta be there” – it was crazy! The enemy was trying to rob me of my dream, but we weren’t having it! Finally the doctors said I could go but had to be back in like 5 hours.

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