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Carried Awayís Colleen, Pam and Christie have some of the most beautiful spirits youíll ever find in the Christian music scene. Their hearts are first to please the Lord and their music is to reach the hearts of all ages.
In this blessed interview, youíll learn about what holiness means to them. You will get a look into how their personal lives have inspired their music and most important why they believe itís important for us to encourage others to experience Jesus for themselves.

With Jen G~ Publisher of AWOE Magazine

AWOE: When did you all come to Christ?

Pam: I became a Christian when I was 4 years old. I gave my life to Jesus, but it wasnít until I was 12 where I fully started understanding what it meant to live the life of a Christian. And thatís when I really started living for God and giving everyday to Him.

Christine: For me I was probably about 6 years old and like Pam said, I didnít really know what it meant to really live for Christ. When I was in grade 7 or so I really fell away from God though. It was just for a time and then God gave me a verse in high school, Romans 12:1-2 to offer our bodies as living sacrifices to God. And thatís when my life like completely just turned around and really changed and that scripture just spoke so much to me. So I re-dedicated my life to Him. (Laughs out of joy)

Colleen: Well, Iím Pamís sister, Colleen.
I as well grew up in a Christian home so when my parents said, whenever you want us to tell you about Salvation and how Christ has saved you from all of the sin and I did decided to make that decision. I was probably around 4 or 5 too. But I didnít understand the knowledge and my understanding wasnít complete so I lived my life as best as I could. I think at that age growing up you copy and you mimic your parentís cause thatís all you know and theyíre your role models.
We all went to Christian schools so I was definitely surrounded by everything and I felt like I was Christian all my life. But itís probably when God decided to just take Carried Away to this higher level and thatís when He revealed that He had a plan for my life. And I was like, He actually cares. So I think thatís when He became more real and more personal to me and that was probably around the age of 15ish. So that was when I decided to be serious about my Christianity.

AWOE: So whoís the oldest, youngest?

Colleen: Iím the oldest.

AWOE: Wow you all look the same.

(Everyone laughs)

AWOE: So after you guys started singing and you got on the road, you traveled with Women of Faith. So how did that impact you guys?

Pam: It was awesome, we did a couple of days with them in Canada and it was just awesome to be able to see the conference and everything and see the different speakers and everything. It was amazing, they were all just such women of God. And to look at them as examples was amazing. (Laughter)

Colleen: Itís a real experience, cause I think the second one we went to there was 8,000 women there. And it was like whoa, why are we here? (Laughter)

Pam: All those women in one room, it was crazy just to see it.

AWOE: Wow. So a lot of energy, and mentoring and everything?

Christine: They were just such great women of God like Pam said. And they were so into like seeing where we were at in our group ya know? It was just awesome.

Pam: Like a bunch of mothers.

Christine: Yeah, it really was.

Colleen: And itís cool because thatís where we see our ministry. Cause ya know women and young girls we see how they are really just drawn to us I guess because we are women and young girls. It was such a cool opportunity.

AWOE: So what is your idea of holiness? I mean what does that mean to you if you had to put it in your own words?

Colleen: Well we have mentors back in Nashville. Theyíre a married couple and they are so grounded. Theyíve lived there for so long which is really rare to find in Nashville because itís a music industry. And you can get sucked into the wrong crowd. Christian doesnít mean anything in Nashville or in the Christian music industry. You need to know someone. So holiness is something that weíve always wanted to dive deep into. Because weíre the type of girls I guess that are considered a bit weird because we do believe in modesty and we believe in how we can make our selves better as women of God.
These mentors told us something so wise and Iíll never forget, they said, ďThereís no standard of holiness.Ē Which means you can never be too holy. You can never try too hard to be Godly and that always stuck with me, and the whole group actually.

ďOur goal is to just please God in
everything that we do.Ē

Pam: Definitely, thatís the thing that sometimes we talk about. A lot of times we think how close the edge can we go of like okay youíre almost sinning but youíre not. Or living that kind of lifestyle. The thing is if we retire and we need to go, what would Christ want us to do?
Like how would Christ want us to live as like Godly women?
So that we can mentor younger girls, and tell them in our life what we do and how we act. Show them what holiness is and we know that weíre not perfect at all. Our goal is to just please God in everything that we do.

Christine: I think also that Jesus is holy. That He is the prime example of holiness. I know itís so often and so easy to say, ďOh I want to be like her. I want to have my hair like her or do things like her.Ē Its so easy to compare ourselves, but if we could just let Jesus be what we compare ourselves to and let Him be what we strive to be weíre on the right track.

Behind I Want You

AWOE: Okay, ďSweet OneĒ, and ďWasting My Words?ď Itís about relationships right?

Pam: ďWasting My WordsĒ was actually written for my sister and she was just dating this guy, and I was just like, Hilary youíre like 14 years old, and I was like what are you doing?
Thatís totally me when I was your age and I was like donít be me! Donít be me! So thatís where it sort of came from. I was telling her ya know, you donít need to seek out guys right now. Itís God and those things will come, seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. And I believe that also itís like for a husband and a man that we are supposed to date.
So I think it also cannot only go from a sister to a sister, but also from a parent to their daughter or their son. Because our parents are very wise and I know in my life I totally had just been like whatever dad, you donít know what youíre talking about I know what Iím talking about. Then Iíd learned afterwards, and Iíd be like okay dad you were right ya know? (Laughs) And they do have a lot of wisdom and we really need to just listen to them more. Because theyíve lived longer than we have and they are wise and they want the best for us and God wants the best for us. So thatís pretty much whatís behind ďWasting My WordsĒ. Just having a relationship.

AWOE: ďSweet OneĒ?

Colleen: Well that song was derived from a time in my life where I was in this relationship and it had ended pretty badly. I just sat down with my guitar as I often do and I was just thinking, why am I so silly? Like I keep dating guys and getting into relationships that just end up likeÖ like I end up heart broken after. And Iím like God is the only one who wonít break my heart and why donít I just stay close to Him and just wait on the one that God has set aside for me?
So thatís where Sweet One came from, and the chorus is just like ďCause I canít break your heartĒ.
So thatís where that came from, but we have a friend whoís getting married and she wants to play that song at her wedding. She wants us to sing it at her wedding and Iím like thatís weird. So I guess she interpreted as her husband wonít break her heart. So I was like thatís pretty cool.

What if my heart has been broken?

AWOE: So what would you say to someone whoís like, my heart has been broken. Iíve been lost and I believe there could be a God but Iím not sure. All three of you, what would you say to somebody whoís just not sure?

Pam: I would say itís sort of like seek ye first the kingdom of God. Itís hard to, especially for somebody that doesnít believe or is looking for something to believe in. Itís hard to know what to say to them. But I think itís something you have to find on your own.
I mean we can say God is real, Heís such a great God, Heís awesome and you need to believe in Him. But you have to experience Him for yourself. You have to maybe read the Bible or go to church and experience his presents and stuff like that. Just get to know God. Get to know who He is. And hopefully youíll believe in Him and know that He is real.

Colleen: I think also like you (Pam) were saying, you can preach the gospel all you want. Everyday all day and I think that yeah thatís good, and thatís good that you feel like you can be a spokesperson for the gospel and thatís awesome. But I think like Pam said, each person has this divine appointment with God. Itís setup by God. Itís like that song, ďI Want YouĒ. I donít know if youíve heard it. Its like everyone needs to experience that want for God. Everyone has it, but itís like until you say I donít want this from the world, I donít want this from people. Iím not here to please man. Iím here to please God. You have to come to that decision mentally and spiritually that nothing else will satisfy that longing thatís in your heart.
I think thatís what I would actually tell someone whoís lost, Iíd say you know what, this is what I know to be true for my life, this is what Iíve experienced. But if youíre not at that place then I would just say just keep searching for Him. Search for Him in relationships and just situations.

So then faith cometh by hearing, and
hearing by the word of God.
Romans 10:17

Christine: I believe it says in the Bible, Iím not really sure what verse it is, but faith comes from hearing the word of God. So I think that whenever you speak the word in even like prayer for people that it will not come back void. God is listening and He hears.
So I think like what I would tell somebody, cause like this actually just happened the other day when we were at a show. There was a girl and we were talking about Christ and just talking about her relationship with God. And she was like, ďI just donít believe.Ē
And I said, ďWhy donít you believe?Ē And she was like, ďWell because I canít see Him and Iíve never experienced Him before.Ē She said that people were really pressuring her into believing.
But itís a personal decision that we all have to make.
Are we going to accept the Oneís love that first loved us?
Or are we going to keep going and just try and live on our own?
So I donít know. I think for me personally when I came to that point it was when God just gave me a scripture and He just whispered it into my heart and He said, ďI want you to live for me. I want you for myself.Ē And I think something that I told even that girl is that sheís loved by God, and He has his arms opened wide.
And Heís saying, ďCome to me, come.Ē

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