Joe Brooks
Visiting The Yesterday
That Led To Tomorrow

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What can I say about Joe Brooks?
Heís like that cup of joe that has flavor, aroma, and a hint of vanilla because heís so pure of heart. Joeís lyrics, life, and faith is how you would describe art in motion. Everyday a different picture is being painted. A picture of hope, openness, honesty, and a belief that his music will reach out to those in need from all walks of life.
MaybeTomorrow, Joe Brookís highly anticipated new release sends itís listeners into a state of serenity. With his smooth voice, collective thoughts and life issues, Joe Brookís album delivers his heart and soul.

Jen Gís~
Publisher & Editor of
AWOE Magazine

Jen G: Joe, so let's start from the beginning, you're from the UK?

Joe Brooks: I am indeedy, born and raised in Southampton until recently when I moved to Bath for uni, love the big city of Southampton but bath's a gorgeous place and perfect for what Iím studying.

Jen G: What are you studying?

Joe Brooks: Sports Development and Coach Education, kind of self explanatory really, from coaching psychology to manage- ment and leisure, the works tough but I like it!

Jen G: It sounds exciting. You didn't have any problems training yourself to play the guitar, tell me how did that happen?

Joe Brooks: At about 15 I picked up my first acoustic and began strumming away. I took a while to teach myself but I slowly got there! I was just taken away by simple yet somehow mind-blowing sounds that come 6 strings, since then (3 years ago) I havenít looked back!

Jen G: I'm listening to the clip From The Roof totally has so much feeling behind it. It's hard to believe that your vocals came later and the guitar came first. Did you always want to sing, or that just happen too?

Joe Brooks: Yeah it was bazaar, it wasnít like I said 'right I want to be able to play the guitar and sing' and then go away and learn. I dreamed more of winning Wimbledon than being a musician. but as I got into the whole music scene and began to accompany my acoustic with vocal melodies I just became addicted. And now itís my biggest dream and I decided I want to give it all I've got.

Jen G: It's your biggest dream! I like the way that sounds. Did you know it was God giving you that dream at first?

Joe Brooks: Umm not at first because, again, I was just teaching myself passively i.e. no real goal or intentions with taking it further. However, the more I progressed and the more interest I gained, the more I felt like I was meant to do this. Now I feel strongly that my calling has got something to do with music, exactly what I'm still not sure but every time I perform, do an interview, record or whatever, I feel the drive from him like he's guiding me somewhere. Even when I'm unbelievably scared of going on stage I have the calmness and warmth in the back of my mind just a reassuring feeling I use in order to give it my all.

Jen G: You sound like someone who has believed a long time. How did you come to Christ?

Joe Brooks: Guided by my parents at first, although they didnít pressure me at all which I respect, they allowed me to find faith in my own way in my own time. Of course you have the rocky patches, for me going through mid teen years was an all or nothing kind of affair when it came to religion. However, it's only been over the last year or two that Iíve really got to know God. I guess maturation has helped me a great deal but also through sport and music I have grown to recognize the warmth that gives me that spark in life.

Jen G: Tell me what sparked your new album, 'MaybeTomorrow'?

Joe Brooks: Well... erm, where to start... so much from all different angles has gone into the creation of the new cd. It all started when I met my manager/producer Stu, who has been really great to me with the recording etc. We started working on it about 6 months ago with the clear plan to make a professional and original sound... which I believe we have achieved. The title tipifies my current stance in the music world; maybe it'll happen tomorrow, maybe it wonít? I'm at that stage where you kind of just linger and do your best to step up the next rung on the ladder. In terms of songs, there are a variety of subjects from the normal relation- ship song to one solely about faith.

Jen G: How do you deal with being friends with people who don't believe in God? Do they have any influence on you?

Joe Brooks: Most importantly I just see them as any other friends, I don't judge them because they donít believe. Umm, yes I do think they have influence on me but equally I think I have influence on them. By sticking to my beliefs and morals in every day situations I think it opens there eyes to what being a Christian is about, that we're human and lead cool lives ourselves.

Jen G: Well tell me about what your family thinks about your music...

Joe Brooks: My family is totally cool. They support me in every step and are 100% behind my music. for that I can't thank them enough. They also keep my feet on the ground and tell me when my music sucks or not which I appreciate.

Jen G: Tell me about your time in the studio in making MaybeTomorrow... what song seemed to just come together?

Joe Brooks: Yeah being in the studio was so much fun, me and my manager Stu had a blast, most of the time. Sometimes it was tough trying to get bits to fit and listening to parts over and over. but overall it was fun and we kept it all in light humor. Racoustic flues just seemed to get better and better as we went along which was encouraging.

Jen G: Tell me about your concerts so far. What has been the weirdest experience verses the best? Joe Brooks: Well definitely the best was the last one, was in a place in bath and I was supporting a band called Hiflyer. I felt it was one of my strongest performances vocally but also having the whole audience turn and listen was amazing, gave me a buzz for days. On the other hand the worst was probably in Devon, not because it was a bad gig, just because I cut my finger on my strings half way through a song and blood went all over my guitar, had to brave it through the rest of the song lol.

Jen G: Wow, I don't think I've ever heard of anyone cutting their fingers on the strings! Were you playing that hard?

Joe Brooks: Yeh it was like the 16th song or something and I had been practicing all day so it finally took it toll!

Jen G: Dude that's some aggressive guitar!

Joe Brooks: lol, yuh huh, there are still black dots inside my acoustic where the blood dried.

Jen G: Cool! Alright, hmm how do I ask this...what personality characteristic do you look for in a girl?

Joe Brooks: Ooo I like these questions! means I can describe the person im looking for! lol. well I love a girl who makes me chuckle, who can have banter with me i.e. take the mick outa each other. Someoneís who's into music helps! And I have a weakness for small bums lol and a love nice eyes... so yer basically I donít have a chance of finding a girlfriend!

Jen G: When you bring your tour to the USA, what sites do you want to see?

Joe Brooks: The Grand Canyon for sure, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Alcatraz, and just get a feel for the atmosphere. the differences in culture etc. Meet new people and have as much fun as possible!

NAME: Joe Brooks
AGE: 18
LOCATION: United Kingdom
Taste Choice: Chinese Indian, All Mexican

Joe Brooks On Movies: ďI like scaring myself... I love Saw and Saw 2, they're awesome, and I had to hide behind my mate through the first one and my fingers in the 2nd! And I really like films that have a good storyline, like The Shawshank Redemption and a Beautiful Mind and scary movies are the best!Ē


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