Jen G: That's such an encouragement!

Maria Long: The reason I asked for 7 is because I lacked such faith. I'm such a planner I dated my husband for 5 years before marrying, graduated and went to college!

Jen G: One of the things that really stand out about you is how you grew up in a Christian environment. I can so relate to growing up in the church with all my family saved around me. I find it so inspiring that you wrote your first song, The Bible Is The Best Book at the age of 2! Do you remember when and why you asked Jesus into your heart at such a young age?

Maria Long: I think when you see your parents and how much they love God it affects you. I had parents that would seek God in prayer and when we had hard times or good times they praised Him and taught me to see Him in every situation. So I learned from them how to experience God daily.

Jen G: Now growing up your parents took you and your sisters with them as they ministered in song in different churches, I know more often than not a lot of young people who grow up in their families ministries turn away once they become older. Why do you think you turned to Jesus instead of away from Him?

Maria Long: I think because I realized I needed Him from the beginning and I knew my life would be so much better if I stayed close to Him I realized that He is where the answers are to everything. He's the only thing that ever gave me peace.

Jen G: Amen! You said that at the age of 12 you asked your father should you be baptized, what led up to that moment and would you call that a defining moment in your life?

Maria Long: Yes! I was such a spoiled brat up till that point so my sisters said (laughs) and my dad said that when I went to their evangelistic meetings I started taking God very seriously. And I felt Him moving on my heart and knew He had a plan for me personally. My parents said I was different after that! (Laugh’s) I guess not as much of a brat!

Jen G: You have to love family always telling it like it is!

Maria Long: I know my family does! I was allowing Christ to change me.

Jen G: That's so the way it should be too, allow- ing Him to change you!

Maria Long: It's amazing to me how He does! You know how He sees value in us and knows what we can be, if we let Him in!

Jen G: Yeah, that's very true. Now I know your family runs a mission. What was it about the hearts of your parents that gave you the desire to also be a witness of God’s loving kindness? Do you think that being among those who were need not only financially but also spiritually made you appreciate your family and God more?

Maria Long: I think when you are involved in ministry there is nothing like that having God work through you. You can try to get that fulfillment through something else but it doesn't happen.
Being around people and kids who were in need spiritually and physically definitely made me appreciate my parents and the things that I've been given made me realize not to take what I have for granted because the kids we visited were so poor it broke my heart. We would go to houses and take groceries, me my little sister and my dad and they wouldn't have electricity. They didn't have any food except for what we brought them. My dad taught us compassion at an early age!

Maria Long Part 2: Letting Your Life Be A Witness


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