Part 2: Maria Long - Letting Your Life Be The Witness

Jen G: Were there times when you could tell that some of them were blaming God for their predicament or trying to replace something missing (God) with things and attitudes about life that was holding them down?

Maria Long: Yes! Still I encounter so many people that blame God for everything bad that happens in their life. That is why on my new album I have written a song thatís inspired by a true story. So AMAZING, but that's the next album!

Jen G: I can't wait until it's out!

Maria Long: It will be awhile.

Jen G: All in good timing!

Maria Long: Yeah!

Jen G: What would you say to those who feel like God is the blame?

Maria Long: I would say that He is the only ONE that is going to ever bring them peace and healing from their situation. If I say more I will be telling you my song (laughs) I guess just don't turn your back on the one that can truly heal you.

Jen G: What is the power of being a witness through actions and lifestyle, rather than just by words for those who don't have the words of comfort, but are willing to give?

Maria Long:
Good question. I think it's more powerful because people are looking for us to show them the way. We can show them through our actions people want to know that we are for real and not just saying things we don't mean.

Jen G: Very true.

Maria Long: I wrote a song called Get Real and I want to give you a line from it because it goes along with what we are saying ok?

Jen G: Go ahead.

Maria Long: Ok so that line I gave you was from it. People are looking for us to show them the way, do we know it ourselves or will we lead them all astray? Do our minds hold precious promises or facts about tv shows? Are we learning information that is vital to our souls? Last verse, so here I am reaching out to those who claim to know God. Calling for a change a life of conviction one that is sealed and stained with His blood, cuz Jesus is waiting for us to share Him with the world. So let's proclaim His life, realize our conviction and just get real with our selves That's it!

Jen G: That's beautiful!

Maria Long:
Thank you! It was a moment of clarity, you know? (laughs) When you realize you know what's going on more in Hollywood then like in the Bible

Jen G: That's so scary, but true your music does that though. It makes you think and reflect.

Maria Long: Good! That means a lot. We are so concerned with the present world that sometimes I think if we had the choice some people would want to stay they love the world more than the ONE who made it.

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