Jen G: What is something that you would want them to remember about you as a person?

Kevin Max: Well Iím sure that I would want them both to think that daddy is is a kind, generous, caring man. I mean I could say that Iíd want them to think that I was successful or intellectual or spiritual whatever but the one thing that sticks out in my mind about my father is that he was always generous and always caring. I think I want them to feel the same about me. One of my characteristics is that Iím always quite generous in things that I do. Itís something Iíve always been able to fall back on my dad, which Iím sure some times he wishes that he wasnít so generous cause I fall back on his help at times.
Iím like, ďWell can you hook me up with this international flight? Dad I donít have time to book it, can you go book it?Ē And heíll do it for me and thatís the wonderful thing about my father is that even though heís so busy even today, as an accountant for several different companies he still wants to help me out when he can. So thatís what I want my kids to be able to know and be able to fall back on as even young adults is that we can always go to dad for help.

Jen G: What is some of the things you have learned from your father that youíve practiced through your lifetime, like through your childhood, to help you like shape yourself as a man. Morals, and values, and that sort of thing.

" father constantly instilled
in us an idea that, putting others before
yourself is important..."

Kevin Max: These are really deep questions Jen. Youíre hitting me with like Dr. Phil questions at like 9:30 in the morning.
Well listen I mean itís so many. I would think that the most obvious is the fact that my father constantly instilled in us an idea that putting others before yourself is important, I could easily say my dad being a generous man and his honestly probably was his best characteristic is a very Christ like characteristic. The fact that even when it was uncomfortable for him to help people out he would help them out. I think to me itís one of the most endearing qualities of Christ is that he constantly was serving and not just out there for himself. So I mean itís a very difficult thing for anyone to learn really. Being a philanthropist you know?(Laughs)

Kevin Max on meeting his birth parents...

Jen G: How did you feel after you found your birth parents?

Kevin Max: Well I got in contact with my birth mother first. And thatís how they do it, through an adoption agency. They have you write your mother and then if she wants to get in touch, then sheíll write back. That process went pretty quickly with me and when my birth mother Reny. It was like a week later I got a letter back from her and we had her over to my house probably a month and a half after that process and it was amazing to meet her, to just sit down and find out about her. What her aspirations in life were at the time and then also what she thought about the past, and what her feelings were at the time at of giving birth to me and all of that. So it was very intense. It was an intense meeting because, its not that I had some kind of void in my life to seal by knowing who she was, or who my birth father was, but more out of general curiosity.

"Iím very happy and very fortunate to have the parents that I have.
Max and Elaine Smith have not only done their job, but theyíve gone beyond. "

So for me it was a great process and she ended up finding my Michael Flarity who is my birth father. We met with him as well and they werenít together. They met very briefly. It was the 60ís and he was a rock star. So I mean itís kind of like just the way things go I guess. Iím very happy and very fortunate to have the parents that I have. Max and Elaine Smith have not only done their job, but theyíve gone beyond. I tend to look my parents as a providence and it was the best thing for me.

"Fatherhood is probably the closest thing to one of the main characteristics of God that we can get as humans."

Jen G: What does fatherhood mean to you?

Kevin Max: Well my mother, my adopted mother couldnít have children and thatís why they adopted. So to be able to have children kind of so effortlessly I felt was a blessing in itself. I mean we decided that two is probably enough for us right now we havenít totally made that decision yet. But I think itís a decision that weíll probably make because modern times itís not as easy to raise a bunch of kids.
We take the job seriously I guess if thatís what youíre asking. Fatherhood is probably the closest thing to one of the main characteristics of God that we can get as humans. Being a father to a child you immediately understand what God feels towards us. I mean thatís an amazing thing in itself.

Jen G: After being in the music industry for so long. If your kids wanted to pursue music what would you tell them?


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