The Incredible Hulk (2008)
Starring Edward Norton

If you remember the 2003 Hulk movie, the 2008 Incredible Hulk Movie will wipe the tragedy of that movie away from your mind. If youíre familiar with the Incredible Hulk comics the movie was so true to the persona itís based on.
Edward Norton as Bruce Banner was inspiring as a scientist who thought he was saving the world turned into a beast of anger. As the story goes, Banner was working for the government on an experimental program to help cure some sort of gamma radiation. So in hopes of testing his project he injects himself with it and so the Hulk is born.
How? Well, Bannerís project was really to create a super soldier, something the government didnít tell him. His injection causes this scared green beast child to emerge from his inner man. The beast is coined The Hulk, the governments most wanted so they can extract the Ďsuper soldierí from within.

The Romance
Now with every good superhero story thereís a little romance that occurs between our hero and some over invested female. In the Incredible Hulk itís Betty Ross (Liv Tyler), The Generalís daughter. She plays a homely, but loving ex-girlfriend of Banner. I use ex-loosely because Banner went on the run after the little test went wrong.
When Betty is introduced, sheís dating a shrink, but when she sees Banner again itís about five years after the Hulk has been let loose. According to the movie it doesnít appear sheís seen Banner as the Hulk.
Still the chemistry between Betty and Banner is unbelievable. Their eyes show more feeling than any actions that they portray in the movie. Even when Banner turns into the Hulk itís his connection to Betty that quiets the outer beast.

Wow! Thatís the only word to describe the ongoing destruction in this movie. Hulk smashes things, his adversary Abomination smashes things and The General blows up stuff too. Itís enough mayhem in the Incredible Hulk to satisfy any action deprived, movie fan.

If you like comedy, look for Tim Blake Nelson as Samuel Sterns. He has the best lines and the most energy in this film. All of his scenes are worth going to see again! He is zany and crazy!

Creepy Villains?
If you want creepy you have your pick of The General (William Hurt) and Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) his super soldier wanna be. The General is just a power mad ingrate who doesnít know when to stop. Blonsky seems to make the Hulk his goal in life. Heís like a washed up soldier gone wrong, looking for a bigger challenge than he is a man. Both actors make their characters incredibly intolerable.

Any Moral Value?
If I had to pull some moral value, first itís wrong, wrong, wrong to just smash stuff because youíre angry! Be angry and sin not! As comical as that is, Iím serious on that point. Not to mention Bruce Banner could be any one of us. Heís a man whoís provoked to anger by people who just wonít leave him alone. Sure we donít turn into big green beasts, but anger is ugly. When weíre provoking another person to anger itís even uglier. Anger can ruin anyoneís life, much like the Hulk ruins Bannerís life.

On the upside, Betty and Bannerís relationship showed that in every angry person, thereís someone who is afraid of rejection. That somewhere on the inside thereís a cry to be loved and understood. So when you see the Incredible Hulk, remember, thereís a Bruce Banner inside each one of us just trying to escape the fear of being misunderstood.

They used profane language throughout the movie and used the Lord's name in vain several times. There was also an almost lust scene between Banner and Betty, but it didn't progress beyond kissing. They were both covered in the scene. There's also a shot of Banner in a tub unclothed. You can see arms, legs, but nothing vital. He looks more helpless than anything else.

Must See!
Rated PG 13



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