It's About The Interior, Not Exterior
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Written By Jen G~

Yeah, thatís a racy title I know, but I am talking to my fellow females and the few guys who are nosy enough to read this. So often I come across girls and young women who are constantly comparing themselves to female celebrities who barely have a natural feature on them!

You know every girl wants to look like that.
What is that anyways?

Now I have nothing against any female celebrities, but itís the same expression of sex, on a different bodies.
I found out a long time ago that if you compare bodies the only difference between yours and theirs is God gave you the full package for the man heís preparing for you.
You donít have to get lips like a fish, bounce like a ball, get fluffed and stuffed or fake it like a plastic doll to get a guy interested in you.

Guys arenít just attracted to parts, but the personality behind the engine. If you were a car, say a Hummer (Iím so in love with that truck), you could look as good as you want on the exterior. Trust me it will cause him to come over and check you out, but heís wants to get inside (your head) to pop that hood (see what your thinking) and if it has all the state of the art equipment (confidence and spark) he may just take it for a ride (date you!).
All goes well on the highway (that first date), he will lease it (continue to date you) and say maybe a year or so down the road he will buy it (committed relationship, courtship, engagement, etc). So when things go wrong down the line, he will take it to the repair shop (he knows your worth working out the trouble), and he will make the investment to fix anything that comes up!

Itís About the Interior, Not the Exterior

Real relationships arenít built on exterior, but the interior. If you look like plastic heís going to treat you like it. You can look as beautiful as anyone, but if thereís no substance on the inside heís not going to want you for long. I think the biggest problem Iíve come across is people diving into relationships before building a solid friendship.

Ladies we are beautiful no matter what shape or size we are. God made us in his own image, which I believe is perfect just the way we are. Yes, look good, but donít sell yourself with your flesh, present yourself with your inward wealth. Make sure every guy knows that your priceless from the inside out.


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