Randy Travis Talkís About The Wager
Dear Friends,
This month Randy Travis takes us behind the scenes of his movie The Wager. A movie that takes us into the modern day Job experience that makes one wonder what would you do if you had everything suddenly taken away from you?
Itís a movie about Godís grace even when everything seems to be falling apart, God has a way of holding things together.
With special appearances by Matthew Barnette (Dream Center), John Hagee (Cornerstone Church) and featuring music by Phil Wickham.

By Jen G~
Publisher of
AWOE Magazine


AWOE: How did you first hear about The Wager?

Randy Travis: Producer/ friend from a previous movie called and asked me to play the lead Michael Steele.

AWOE: What was it about the script that made you want to be a part of the movie?

Randy Travis: To show the trials in living in todayís world is very similar to Bible times, choices you have to make to get through it.

AWOE: Where was the movie filmed?

Randy Travis: Los Angeles

AWOE: What ultimately attracted you to taking the role of Michael Steele?

Randy Travis: The challenge to do a role different than Iím normally cast in.

AWOE: How did playing the character of Michael Steele make the Bible account of Job more real to you personally?

Randy Travis: The trials they had to go through and still keep the faith.

AWOE: In The Wager each of the characters seem to represent people and emotions we experience when we face difficulties in our life.

Randy Travis: This is true.

AWOE: Tell me about the character of Annie Steele thatís played by Nancy StaffordÖ

Randy Travis: She plays the part of my sister, who is a very kind and caring person who worries about me a lot.

AWOE: Then thereís Michaels agent Kenny played by Jude Ciccoella, seems to be on the fence of the character with clearly worldly views.

Randy Travis: Yes, he was on the fence but was very loyal to me, and the issues we had to face.

AWOE: What was it like working with Ciccoella and how did his character Kenny influence Michael?

Randy Travis: Great guy, we spent a lot of down time talking about music. His character Kenny was very loyal to Michael even when Michael went against his advice.

AWOE: Now Candace Cameron Bure probably played one of the most colorful characters of the film as Cassandra the misguided co-star. How much fun was it to work with her and Bronson Pinchot?

Randy Travis: A lot of fun. Candace was a very spiritual person and easy to work with, Bronson kept everybody laughing.

AWOE: Did you enjoy the way the Bible was integrated throughout the film?

Randy Travis: Yes. Hope that it will touch people, and show them if you do the right thing you can overcome daily tests.

AWOE: What was your most memorable experience from being involved in the Wager?

Randy Travis: The message, the long hours and a broken hand from the fight scene.

AWOE: What was it like working with writer and director Judson Pearce Morgan on this film?

Randy Travis: He was open to change and easy to work with.

AWOE: What did you learn from being in the film and having to act out many emotions that Job probably felt at some point too?

Randy Travis: First of all life is very emotional from day to day, you encounter things you donít expect and in acting you have to draw from things that has happened to you in your life, which will exercise your faith daily.

AWOE: What would you say this film is key for anyone who is going through a trial in there life?

Randy Travis: As I said before making the right Godly decisions can get you through.

AWOE: Do you believe that there is a difference between someone going through a trial with Christ than without him?

Randy Travis: Yes, there is hope with Christ.

AWOE: On a personal level have you ever had to face something similar that you just didnít know why it was happening or how you were going to make it through? How did you get through that period in your life?

Randy Travis: I prayed a lot, read the Bible and talked with my pastor.

AWOE: In closing, what do you hope the viewers will take away from The Wager?

Randy Travis: A stronger faith in the power of God.


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