Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker they were totally outrageously funny in this movie! I mean from start to finish they had me laughing out of my seat saying ĎOhmygosh, no they didnít say that do that!í In the beginning we get this amazing serenade that only Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) could do! Itís by far my favorite scene in the movie! Then we have Inspector Lee doing a real bang up job playing the bodyguard to an old friend who is about to reveal a huge secret, which basically leads Lee to an old acquaintance. Needless to say, Iím not going to ruin it for you, but the guy Kenji (Hiroyuki Sanada) is definitely a great twist to the rush!

Also weíre reintroduced to the little girl who brought Lee and Carter together in the first place, Soo Yung (Jingchu Zhang) now all grown up plays more of minor role in the plot, but all the same I love the way they did include her. I totally love the way they took a back-story and integrated a meaningful new story to the new movie!

As for the scenes between Chris Tucker and Noťmie Lenoir who plays Genevieve, ohmygosh! They will have you falling out of your seat! Especially after the initial club scenes, lots of great singing in this movie! One thing the producers so didnít do was put all the best scenes in the commercials! Itís so crazy, but every scene and almost every time Lee and Carter opened their mouths was a hoot. And Carter throughout the whole movie was seriously one tracked minded! Iím so not talking about the case either! In one word ĎBubblesí, I was so like no he didnít! Of course, if youíve seen the commercials you know what scene Iím talking about, and all Iím going to say is it was all implied. Once you get beyond that onto the eerily entertaining 80ís scene with Genevieve (Noťmie Lenoir), youíre going to love what happens next (man I canít wait for that DVD!).

Okay, I have to warn you, youíre going to fall in love with that crazy cab driver George (Yvan Attal)! If you think the part about not driving ĎHis kindí is funny, youíre so going to love the rest of the ride! I think Yvan Attal was one of the best standout charact- ers of RUSH HOUR 3! His lines were funny and he was so emotional! Just crazy!!! Can you tell I was so loving this movie?
Of course, Jasmine (Youki Kudoh) the one who gives Lee (Chan) quite the beat down in that room is amazing! She is unstoppable! My favorite line of hers was, ĎDo you want to know a secret?í Trust me they donít! Then there is this brilliant exchange between Carter and that Chinese guy whose speaking French! I donít know who came up with those scenes, but I was laughing so hard it wasnít funny! Yeah whatever it was so funny!
And believe it or not, there are some sweet heartfelt moments in RUSH HOUR 3 that will make you smile and root our dynamic duo on. One part in particular Lee (Jackie Chan) orders some fried chicken, a total awe moment right there.
Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan seriously out did themselves in RUSH HOUR 3. Itís by far the best one theyíve made yet. Full of none-stop action and great humorous lines! The cast was wonderful from start to finish, so many characters yet they kept to their main story! Loved it!
The only downside for me was they used the Lordís name in vain on two occasions that I can recall. It might have been more. Then again that nasty exchange between the French Policeman and the dynamic duo. That whole situation seemed a little pointless to me, there was the bad MJ impersonation and some questionable jokes. Parents go see the movie first so you can determine if it's suitable for your children. Moral value: I think it showed that some people are truly like family even if not blood related. Even in the end thereís a light in the darkest heart.
*****Rated PG-13


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