The Bourne Ultimatum was action packed and Matt Damon as always was really impressive. I know Iím going to get boos for this, but Iíve seen all three movies and I really think the last one had a better story. If youíre unfamiliar with these movies all there is to know is Jason Bourne doesnít know who he is. For three movies now, he runs around trying to find out who he is and why he killed all these people for the government.

Obviously he was some sort of operative assassin, but the story just seems to linger on there. Besides Matt Damonís amazing acting ability, awesome fighting scenes there was a little twist with Julia Styles character Nicky Parsons. They very subtly gave off a great vibe that Jason Bourne and Nicky possibly knew each other from before. Before he became Jason Bourne, but donít quote me on that. I did enjoy the interaction between Damon and Styles. They were very cool and collected in their scenes.

Also Pamela Landy (Joan Allen) kept it real with the very irritating Noah Vosen (David Strathairn) who basically wants everyone dead. Incase you canít tell thereís this big cover up. Bourne was the brain washed demo that went rogue. I donít know, but the Bourne movies always have great action, but the story for me has fallen flat. We get three movies and still we donít really know who Jason Bourne is. Iím talking about a background story itís not there folks. I suppose if they go for a fourth one they left this third movie wide open for that. We get answers, but we also get more questions. The cast was great, the action was great and if you love Matt Damon itís totally worth seeing. Generally the movie was pretty clean. No bad humor or any real questionable situations that I recall. Outside of the blowing up and some language Iíd say it was a pretty safe movie.
If I had to grasp any moral value from this movie, Iíd say never lose who you are. Be true to yourself no matter what.
Itís a good film.
*** Rated: PG-13


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