As a long time fan of the original animated series, Iím going to say I loved this movie. Donít ask me what it was, but I think it was Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf). The kidís character was so funny and adorable at the same time. The movie begins with Sam telling his class about his great grandfather who was an explorer. He goes from telling the kids how great his grampa is to Ebaying the families ancient artifacts. It was too funny when Samís teacher gave him a B- ( I think) and Sam goes into this speech which ends with a very popular question we should all be asking ourselves!
However, From the time Sam interacted with Mikaela Banes (Meghan Fox) to his discovery that his crazy Camero truly had a mind of his own! I was loving the way ĎBumble Beeí Samís car, the Autobot was trying to hook him up via radio with Mikaela. Those were some of the best scenes Iíve seen this year!
The action was excellent because it really looked like the Decepticons was trying to destroy the earth and the Autobots were truly transforming! It was totally a serious ride from the start!
Also the Witwicky parents (Julie White and Kevin Dunn) were um, how do I put this, seriously quirky, especially about their gardenÖ
I loved to hate Agent Simmons (John Turturro) from the time his cocky arrogant irritating character appeared on the screen, but he won me over by the end.
As for pleasant surprises, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Colin Fickes who played Analyst #1 (from One Tree Hill), Josh Duhamel from NBCís Las Vegas who played Captain Lennox in the Transformers. Iím not a fan of Las Vegas, even though I did watch the crossover episodes with Crossing Jordan, I must say Duhamelís performance in this movie made me a fan. Not to mention Tryrese who played USAF Tech Sergeant Epps was very entertaining! Jon Voight (Angelina Joiliís father) was quite impressive as the Defense Secretary too. Yeah, I loved seeing Amaury Nolasco (Fernando Sucre from Prison Break) as ACWO Jorge "Fig" Figueroa! He had some real humorous scenes too!
If you grew up watching the Transformers like I did youíll appreciate the fact that this movie stayed true to the characters of both the Autobots and Decepticons. Especially Bumble Bee, Optimus Prime and Megatron.
What I didnít like about the movie was what felt like two unnecessary scenes that included Glen Whitmann (Anthony Anderson) and Bobby Bolivia (Bernie Mac). Now I like Bernie Mac, I enjoy him thoroughly in Oceans 11, 12 & 13, but the one scene where he was talking to and about his onscreen Mama in the Transformers movie seemed to represent some alternate universe and the same for Anthony Anderson who was a computer geek who lived at home with his grama. Where Sam seemed overly respectful to his folks, they made the scenes with Bobby Bolivia and Glen Whitmann disrespectful in their roles to their elderly relatives. They were quick scenes, but it still bothered me because I canít imagine the point of those two scenes.
As for moral value Iím going to take this one from the Bible. Man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart. A translation for you old school Transformer fans, thereís more that meets the eyes inside all of us!
Must see!!!
***** Rated PG-13


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