I canít say enough about SPIDERMAN 3. I loved it so much I went out and bought the official novelization of the film! Toby Maguire has become my all time favorite superhero actor. Toby Maguire continues to reveal every layer of Peter Parker.
In the beginning of the movie weíre thrown into Peter Parkers very complicated life with Mary Jane Watson(Kirsten Dunst), his best friend Harry Osbourn (James Franco) and this new cocky reporter named Eddie Brock (Topher Grace). First Mary Jane goes through her stardom as an actress on this new play, which Peter very promptly attends, but all is not well after the curtains close. Then we get somewhat of a best friend do or die confrontation, except death is more so of the inner self between Peter and Harry. And then we have the no good reporter Eddie Brock who put slime back into ink as far as cut throat reporting is concerned.

Now I love SPIDERMAN 3 because of the real story that was told throughout the film. There was a serious inner conflict that Peter Parker goes through when his life takes an unexepected turn. Really all of the characters deal with an inner conflict which makes them face who they really are and who they want to be.

A standout character for me was The Sandman Ė Flint Marko (Thomas Haden Church). He does a lot of bad stuff throughout this film and even when you discover he did the worst of the worst it really reminded me of the way God sees us, forgives us. Forgiveness is a big theme in this movie and sacrifice was another that you canít miss. Every major character had an inner turmoil they had to deal with. In the end the true person came out when they went through pressure.

Okay, Iím not going to turn this review into a Bible Study, but Iím telling you SPIDERMAN 3 was everything and a bag of chips!
It had humor, sarcasm, and a great cameo appearance of Stan Lee!

It revealed Peter Parker and Mary Janeís relationship in a very realistic light. The insecurities, not knowing the right thing to say or do, but to love someone that much! Then J. Jonah Jameson (J.K. Simmons) the scenes between him and his secretary are a hoot! Thereís action and heart wrenching drama in SPIDERMAN 3! If you like to see Spiderman fight, love to see things get smashed up and a little romance on the side itís all of that and so much more. You truly have to go see it now!!! ****** Rated PG 13


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