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Eowyn is a creature in Godís ever shaping hand. From her sound to her passion Eowyn has given her music to the silent screams of her audience. Sheís given a voice to those who are afraid of life. Sheís giving strength to those who are too ashamed to talk about the pain that hunts them from the inside out.
ďFace your fears and take a chance...Ē the lyrics are as strong as the voice behind them.
Addressing issues that plagues the minds and lives of teenagers.
Silent Screams is a force for the hurting...

Jen G
Publisher of
AWOE Magazine

EOWYN Silent Screams

Jen G: Behind all the mystique of Eowyn, who are you?

Eowyn: Gosh, who am I? I wish I had a friend or family member answering this one for me. Theyíd probably have a better answer for you. I'd have to say that I'm just a girl who loves the Lord, loves to sing, and loves to meet people!

Jen G: What does your name mean?

Eowyn: My name is actually from the "Lord of the Rings" books and now movies. My dad was a huge fan of "Lord of the Rings," and Eowyn is one of the characters. People always ask me if it's my real name, but it really is.

Jen G: How long have you been making music?

Eowyn: I've been singing in church since I was five years old, but as far as making and creating my own songs, that's just been since I was 19. I actually did my first album at 19 called "One More Chance" but I keep that very hidden!! I still laugh when I hear it!

Jen G: What is the significance of Silent Screams to you on a personal level?

Eowyn: When writing "Silent Screams" I knew that I wanted to convey a lot of what I believe youth were feeling today. I speak daily with those who are cutters, suicidal, or going through deep bouts of depression and I wanted an album that could really speak to them and for them. The ironic thing is that a lot of this album actually told a story from my own heart as well. I guess I should have expected that because I always tend to write what I'm feeling.

ďI want people to like me, and the truth is, not everyone will.Ē

Jen G: Silent Screams is a powerful album that really speaks to todayís pain. To My Surprise, you cry out, ĎLord Jesus youíve rescued meÖI surrender.í Tell me out of all the attacks of anger, rejection, insecurities, and depression, which one have you dealt with the most and how did you find that freedom?

Eowyn: I guess I would have to say insecurities is what I've dealt with the most, which can definitely lead into feelings of rejection and depression. I've always cared a little too much about what people think about me personally. I want people to like me, and the truth is, not everyone will. I always find the freedom from this by running to Christ. It doesn't mean that I don't struggle anyway at times, but I just recognize the signs sooner and run to Him a lot quicker than I used to.

Jen G: Why do you believe we keep silent when weíre hurting?

Eowyn: I think we're scared of what others will think of us. I know a girl just wrote me last night on myspace and said that she was hurting so much inside, but she was afraid of what her family and friends would think of her if she told them. Then she said something so profound... "I've been trying to hide it from God too, and the truth is,He already knows!" Isnít that so true! He does know when we're hurting and the beauty is He also cares!

Jen G: Why would you say itís important to talk about what weíve kept hidden thatís slowly eating away at us?

Eowyn: When we hide things, we are not only deceiving others, but we are deceiving ourselves. This deception brings even more pain and suffering than the original pain that was there in the first place. Eventually we end up putting up a false faced of who we really are and in the end, we donít even know. When we begin to be honest with ourselves and others about how we really feel, than true healing or our hearts and minds can take place.

"I love performing because itís my chance to
share my heart and reach out to those who
are in need of someone to listen to them."

Jen G: How have you reached out to those who youíve seen hurting?

Eowyn: A lot of how I reach out personally is definitely from my music and from the stage platform. I love performing because itís my chance to share my heart and reach out to those who are in need of someone to listen to them. Off the stage, Iíve been known to pray for people at my merchandise table or I encourage them to write me through email, which many do. From there I pray for them, yes, even through myspace.

"Iíve seen too many girls with their cheeks streaked with tears
and filled with feelings of worthlessness, not to care.
How could I not share Christís love with them?"

Jen G: Have you ever been pushed away?

Eowyn: Iíve sent e-mails that havenít had an immediate response, or Iíve offered prayer after a show and someone declined. Thatís one of those times when I have to push away my own insecurities and realize that I just have to do what I feel God leading me to do, regardless of the outcome. One girl that turned down prayer after a show, ended up writing me a week later asking for prayer online, so it showed me that if I hadnít asked she wouldnít have felt free to write later.

Jen G: Why have you committed yourself and music to sharing the truth that youíve found?

Eowyn: Iíve seen too many girls with their cheeks streaked with tears and filled with feelings of worthlessness, not to care. How could I not share Christís love with them? Sometimes I try to picture myself and where I would be if I didnít have the hope of Jesus Christ and to be honest with you, it scares me. I honestly donít think Iíd be here today if I didnít have Him in my heart and life. When I look at these hurting kids, I canít think of anything else Iíd rather do than share this truth of Godís love and forgiveness to them.

Jen G: What does forgiveness mean to you?

Eowyn: Truly forgiving someone means you will think of it no more. You wonít throw it in their face or bring it up over their morning coffee. You wonít hold it over their head for years to come.

Jen G: What would you say to someone who believes there beyond forgiveness, who doesnít think God would understand, someone whoís not even sure if He even existsÖ

Eowyn: God casts our sins as far as the east is from the west and thinks of them no more. Heís already forgiven us! Most of the time itís forgiving ourselves thatís the real problem!


Jen G: My favorite song from Silent Screams is Unfinished Memories, can you tell me what itís about and what the song means to you?

Eowyn: I wrote ďUnfinished MemoriesĒ after the death of my dear friend and guitarist, Matt Hallmark. He died at the age of 21. He was on his way home after a show and drove across a median and hit another couple who also died instantly. Unfinished Memories is expressing some of the pain I felt after his death. The lyrics also convey a hope to myself and his family that one day we will meet him again in heaven and finish all the memories that we were unable to finish here on earth.

Jen G: About two years ago you guys went through a really difficult time by losing a band member and friend Matt Hallmark to fatal wreck. Could you share with me how his life impacted all of you and how even in his death his testimony lives on?

Eowyn: I tear up even thinking of him today. He impacted my life in so many ways. He was a great friend and a wonderful fellow brother in Christ. He was so bold about his love for God! It was contagious! I smile even now thinking back to several practices when I forgot to open with prayer and heíd say in his southern accent ďEowyn, you didnít pray!Ē So Iíd stop and pray right then! His death was so tragic, but so many people have come to Christ because of it. Iíve been able to share his story with many people from stage, but the coolest story is that Matt had actually been writing several kids on myspace encouraging them to know the Lord and one wrote me after his death to tell me he gave his life to Christ because of Matt. God works all things for good!

Jen G: What would you say to those who have lost friends and loved ones who have given up on life? Who canít understand why they lost someone they love suddenly or even slowlyÖ

Eowyn: Never give up! I know that if Matt were here today he would have encouraged me to continue on and if I hadnít he would have probably yelled at me in his cute southern accent. Like in Mattís death, although it was a tragedy, God brought good from it. Itís never easy to lose someone we love, but we canít lose ourselves in the process. They would never want us to!

Jen G: What would you say to those who have let the silent screams eat them up inside, who are at the edge of suicide or have given up all hope?

Eowyn: Run to God! His arms are opened wide ready to receive them and all they have to do is go to Him. He will heal their hearts and minds; all they have to do is ask. On the same note, remember that we are human, and while God can heal us, our own flesh can still struggle with the emotional baggage even after weíve ran to him. Just donít give up! Ask God to begin to let you see yourself as He sees youÖfull of worth and beauty and more potential than you could ever imagine! Also remember to run to others and ask for prayer, because we canít always do it on our own, and thatís okay. Itís not bad to need a shoulder to lean on. It doesnít mean your weak. It means youíre humble enough to say, I need help!

Jen G: Would you lead them to the life youíve found by inviting them to come to Jesus?

Eowyn: Of coarse! If you are someone who is currently thinkingÖhow can I run to a God I donít even know? The truth is, you can know him right now! If you feel a tugging at your heart then realize thatís probably Him drawing you! No matter where you are or what youíve done, you can ask Him right now to come into your heart and life and forgive you and heal you. Itís that easy. He loves you and cares for you so much! I pray that this year you experience His love like never before!

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