(NASHVILLE, TENN.) -- On July 10, 2007, Fifty-Three Five Records will release the original demo recordings of legendary Christian metal band Stryper, or Roxx Regime, as they were known in 1983. The CD known as The Roxx Regime Demos, contains no over-dubs or re-recordings, and includes the original version of the MTV and Billboard hit song "Honestly," will be in stores nationwide through Infinity Music Distribution and Redeye Distribution, Inc.

"We're excited to release what the fans have always wanted - the original demos that got the band signed to Enigma Records," says lead singer Michael Sweet, who recently released a new solo project titled HIM. "Without the fans, we wouldn't be here and this is a small way to say 'Thank you'. For all of you who have requested this time and time again, it's finally here - in their original raw form!"

Long before Stryper's multi-platinum albums and chart-topping videos, brothers Robert and

Michael Sweet teamed up with high-school classmate Oz Fox and local bass player Timothy Gaines to form a band that would forever change Christian music. The group released a demo project in 1983 under the name Roxx Regime and started playing the local Hollywood club circuit. They eventually caught the ears of Enigma Records and changed their name to Stryper before the release of their national debut album, The Yellow and Black Attack, in 1984. Stryper would go on to sell more than 8 million albums worldwide, with several projects striking RIAA-certified gold. The group’s unprecedented 1986 album To Hell with the Devil went platinum and was named one of the “100 Greatest Albums in Christian Music” by CCM Magazine.

Starting today, Stryper fans can pre-order The Roxx Regime Demos exclusively at, where an original vintage Roxx Regime T-Shirt will also be available. All pre-orders will ship on 7-7-07.

Track Listing - The Roxx Regime Demos
1. From Wrong to Right
2. My Love I'll Always Show (original rock version)
3. Loud N Clear
4. You Know What To Do
5. You Won’t Be Lonely
6. C'mon Rock
7. Tank (Robert Sweet drum solo)
8. Honestly (the original demo version)

The group is currently writing and recording the follow-up to their successful 2005 release Reborn. They anticipate a late 2007 release, with a world tour to follow. For more information, visit the band's official website at

Sonsofday is a four-piece alternative rock band formed in 2005 by Roman Bellos, and his three brothers, Vlad, Bogdan, and Scottie. SOD was discovered by Darren Bowls of Red Hammer Records in the spring of 2006, and began recording their first two radio singles “This Place” and “Reconcile” for the label during the summer of 2006. Fragile People is their first full length CD offering an internationally laced rock sound that is fresh and original, yet mainstream.

SOD’s desire is to express their music as real life,
authentic, and human,a true reflection of who they are as people. Band or fan, life’s joys and difficulties are the same to both. To quote “Fragile People” the title track from SOD’s new CD release, “We're fragile people, we hurt sometimes - We don’t know where to go.”

We all walk through life’s journey searching for our purpose whether a rich man or a beggar. Their journey started on a different continent, a place where God was not allowed and where people suffered for their beliefs in Christ. Their musical perspective is a unique one, with one foot set in America and another set in Europe, with an ocean of culture between them. For them another day is starting in America, a day in which they hope to share a little piece of themselves with those who will listen. “Our secret plan is to inspire our listeners to pursue their dreams, their America, and ultimately God. Music is our picture, our experiences of love, loss, joy, pain, family, humanity, and the discovery of God’s gift to us, Christ. We hope you enjoy this small piece of our lives.”


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